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Easy electronic invoice
with our platform

Send your electronic invoices to public networks
with our platform on-line,
for free.


The software you asked for


Send your electronic invoices

Issue your electronic invoices, online, easily, quickly and safely. You can too import them from your billing ERP, with which we connect, and send them to any public or private network.

We connect directly with the channels FACeB2B, Peppol, and all the PGE of the Public Administrations.

We are connected to the main national and European public networks: FACe, eFACT, FACeB2B, Peppol (European authorities).

We comply with standard and international formats so you don't have to worry about knowing the legal billing requirements of each country

We are also connected with the main private EDI networks.

You sent an easy, fast and secure electronic invoice.

You can import all your invoices in a very simple way to our platform, where we will automatically convert them into an electronic invoice to be able to send them to any public Administration or private entity.

Digitized your billing like this.

Automate your company's billing, You will gain time and avoid errors due to manual procedures.

By integrating with your ERP you will reduce the time it takes to manage your invoices. We have worked efficiently on the integration so that it is simple and fast, with any ERP on the market or with its own management system.

You can convert the original format of your electronic invoice to the format you need automatically, PDF, XML (format, UBL format).

This will make it much easier for you to manage invoices with your customers and suppliers.


Receive your electronic invoices

Automate the receipt of all your invoices. Your clients are digitized, you have to be prepared to work with them, do not miss opportunities.

With the GD platform, you can receive your invoices in different formats and through different channels, and everything will be integrated, saving management time and avoiding errors.

Thanks to our solution OCR you can receive invoices in PDF through emails and index them directly in your systems

We offer you the possibility of having from a DG supplier portal, from which they can send them without involving any cost.

If your suppliers already issue electronic invoices through this channel, They can also use it to send your invoices.

¿Do your suppliers use this channel to issue invoices? With GD, you receive those invoices sent through the Peppol channel.

It is a very useful tool to read your XML files (CFID). Its simple interface makes handling the program be very easy.

These 3 alternatives are at your disposal and that of your suppliers to receive/issue invoices in a simple way, making it easier for all of them to have a suitable solution for your technological level.


Your tickets in electronic invoice

The control of tickets for companies and freelancers is a waste of time and energy, and in many cases an economic loss for not recovering VAT.

But with our platform this is over, managing your tickets will be easy and automatic.

Each of your employees will have their username on the platform, to manage their tickets. You will only have to take a photo of the ticket and upload it to the program within your user. ¡That easy!

When a user adds a ticket, the program automatically sends an email to the ticket provider, requesting the invoice.

When he sends it to you by email, it goes through the OCR turning it into an electronic invoice and added to the list of invoices.

You can automatically create your expense notes, for example, and export them in Excel.

Communication with all administrations
Spanish and international

Communication with the main private EDI networks

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