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Management intelligent for your company

It is the digital platform with which to manage your company increasing productivity and automating processes.

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In GD you have all the tools you need
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Management software

If what you need is complete software to manage your company, easy to use and that adapts to you, then this is your tool.

With GD software, the management of all your company’s tasks will be simplified, making your life easier.

Automate processes, reconcile your accounting with AI, have control of your financial management, synchronize HR management… all to improve the productivity of your company and give yourself more time.

Management Control with BI

Control your company’s finances easily, With a tool that transforms your data into easy-to-analyze information, and you can make the best decisions quickly and efficiently.

Business Intelligence It is essential to be able to have a global vision of your company in real time.

digital certificate

The digital certificate will avoid queues and procedures endless with public administrations.

¿What? With it you can access the administrations from your computer and do your paperwork online, without leaving home and print 1000 papers.

Electronic bill

Save time on such a tedious task and at the same time as important as your company’s finances. Automating your billing will allow you to get paid faster, avoid errors and make your life easier.

Start sending your invoices for free.

Electronic signature

Transform the way you close your agreements, with the electronic signature.
Traveling to sign documents in person is no longer necessary. The GD signature is totally legal and valid to close all kinds of agreements, contracts, sales, partner meetings.


Create documents with AI.

It receives the document, the OCR reads it, extracts the information and manages the document.

With your GD invoice program, you save all those hours you spend typing invoices by hand, and you avoid manual errors. The OCR extracts the information and posts it for you, the entire process is automated and your invoices digitized.

GD’s OCR is useful for much more than invoices, it reads and processes all kinds of documents, which will make your processes much simpler and faster.

Employee portal

The flexible and easy-to-use tool, that will help you optimize (the management of your company’s HR thus keeping it synchronized).

Through the employee portal, the worker accesses their payroll, records, vacations, requests, expenses… all from one place, at any time, and from any device.

Document automation

Mechanical processes, such as the creation of frequently used documents or contracts, become heavy for us and are not very productive for the company.
With this Direct Management tool we can automate this task making us buy time
and avoiding possible manual writing errors.

In addition, this tool has an electronic signature incorporated, Therefore, in addition to creating your documents automatically, they can also be signed electronically.

Be in complete control
of your company, in real time

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    We use Business Intelligence , so that all the data of your company is transformed into graphs that are easy to analyze.

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    You can consult them from anywhere and at any time also from the App.

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    This will allow you to make safer decisions, saving a lot of time.

Gain time automating


80% of the time you spend on the daily management and processes of your company will now be all for you.


Automation and BI, ils simplifient tous les processus de votre entreprise et évitent les erreurs manuelles.


You will also be able to reduce your costs thanks to automation.


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